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Lovingly crafted and full of the powerful energy of Master Choa's garden, the land and meditation center.  Made at the MCKS Ashram in Pune, India


Our Story

The MCKS Ashram is located in Pune, Inda.  It is spread over nearly sixty acres of scenic land surrounded by hills and valleys. It is a paradise insulated from the outside world. Situated between the beautiful Mulshi lake and the magnificent natural formations of  valleys and hills ... the land that the Ashram is built on is full of quartz crystals.  The Ashram has been blessed by Master Choa so all the crystals hold the blessings ... Arhatic Yogis visiting this center from around the world are rejuvenated by an abundance of fresh prana.


After connecting with the Angel of Flower Essences, the pranic healers scanned flowers for their attributes.  These flowers were then placed in a glass bowl containing spring water and placed in the garden surrounding Master Choa’s bungalow.  The pranic healers scanned areas within this garden where Master had walked bare foot and left his golden foot prints. The flower bowls were then set on the foot prints while the essence from the flower was released in to the water and the stabilizing process was completed with the help of the Great beings and nature spirits.

(excerpts from Vancouver Pranic Healing blog)

Now distributed within the United States, a portion of every sale goes to support the Canadian Pranic Healers and Master Choa's projects worldwide.


Thanks for reaching out with your questions and comments.  I look forward to being in touch with you.

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