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One of each of the 16 Ashram flower essences.
Entire set for $320.



cleans blood


insight – able to digest it

clearing thought forms from the lymph and breast tissue



for those doing service

activates forehead chakra – center for seeing

activates navel and basic chakras after 30 min

if you feel congested, bless someone



lightening and cleansing – expanding

being able to receive

activates back head and ajna chakras

expands chakras –loosens astral debris – makes them breathe better

strengthens sex and throat chakras



clears energy around the eyes

activates the optic nerve

activates back head, forehead, ajna and temple minor



etheric balancing of yin and yang energies

good for kundalini syndrome

assists in manifesting

grounding – brings practicality



clears throat and front, back heart chakras of sadness, despair and grief



moving old patterns

addictions to food, etc.

activates pituitary



energy moves up and down spine and expands all chakras

expands the central channel, clears kundalini gently

cleans meng mein

good for kundalini syndrome

clears contamination under arms



removes trauma through the feet

decongests all organs in the solar plexus area

good for nervous system disorders, MS etc.

cleansing and refining



regulates blood sugar levels

activates pancreas



plumps up the perineum chakra into lotus and turns it a fuchsia color

brings down energy and activates the thymus

refines, cleanses and balances the energy

draws energy up from feet after a short while



enlarges lower chakras and crown

brings energy up the spine

relaxes diaphragm

activates throat chakra

(not for people with kundalini, high blood pressure or cancer)



cleans and balances spine

activates heart chakras

inner focus

brings quietness



good for hands on healing – body work

brings in red and gold energy for physical healing

good for physical trauma, bones, surgery



activates basic, sex and navel chakras

brings in vitality everywhere

activates crystal body



grounding – lower and upper

activates ajna

determination – intellectual and emotional


*these essences were made at the east end of the AY3 meditation hall, where there is a tremendous amount of Divine Energy

Complete set: 16 flower essence

  • A flower essence is an infusion that carries the energetic imprint of the plant. The healing message of each flower can be a catalyst for healing on a deep level, working with the principle of resonance.   They can help with stress, physical healing, or working with issues like grief and trauma.  They work in a very complementary way with all healing modalities.
    Flower essences are very safe and can be used by people, children and animals. Most commonly, the essence is preserved with alcohol and are administered a few drops under the tongue, but can also be added to water or applied directly to the skin or head.

    These very special flower essences were made from the flowers at the GMCKS Meditation Center in India by Canadian Pranic Healers.
    If you are a pranic healer, you can scan and see for yourself which ones are relevant for you. Let your intuition guide you, or have someone scan your energy. This information is a guideline only.
  • Sorry, because of the energetic nature of these products, no returns or refunds.  Replacements only in the event of an error filling the order.

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